Monday, March 28, 2005

30 Hour Famine

Alright, I meant to write something about this a week ago, but, well, I didn't. So here it is now.

On March 18-19, we (we being the Sr. High group at church) participated in the 30 Hour Famine. There were nine high schoolers, myself, and two of our volunteer high school advisors. Mad props to all those that participated. My prayer is that we all (myself most definitely included) came away more sensitive to the struggles of the majority of our brothers and sisters around the world. Don't know how much money we raised yet (and even if I did, I probably wouldn't post it...), as many of the kids are still trying to collect some support from people. in place of dinner, breakfast, and then lunch, we had devotions for everyone to do. I think those went pretty well. For our 'breaking the fast' dinner Saturday night, my wonderful wife and one of the high schoolers that was unable to participate fixed us our dinner. Rice, black beans, and oranges. We sat on the floor, and had no utensils (didn't take them too long to realize that after you ate an orange, the rind could be used as a spoon for the rice and beans). Also, we stipulated some rules: you could not serve yourself, nor could you ask for food. So the only way you could get food was if one of your peers saw that you didn't have any and offered to get you some. That was to drive home the point that we need to be watching out for each other, both locally and globally. Also, it was one last reminder that much of the world is often at the mercy of the few of us who have been blessed with so much. The kids were helpless unless someone noticed their plight and offered to help. I was unsure how that would work out in practice (would they revolt after not eating for 30 hours...or 32 in some cases?!), but it went over well. No fighting, no cheating, just a pleasant, simple meal around a lone candle. All in all, a good way to spend a couple of days.

I think the funniest time of the Famine was Saturday afternoon. Our church was having an Easter egg hunt for the community while we were there fasting. Most of the kids volunteered to help, which meant we had many faminished high schoolers hiding candy, and then helping little ones find the candy. Several of them weren't sure if they could do that without giving in to temptation...but they all did! One even dressed up as the Easter bunny for the entertainment of the young children, playing with them and letting them have their picture taken sittin on her lap. I know she was grumpy, tired, hungry, and hot under that costume, but the children loved it. Just another simple way they found to serve the local community even while serving the global one. High fives all around.

It's amazing how much we have. To never have ever had to worry about getting enough food...we are so spoiled and we don't even realize it. This computer that I am typing on could have paid to feed several starving kids for a year. Is the answer as simple as not buying crap I don't need?


Blogger Little Sis said...

I didn't know you had a blog or I WOULD have been reading it! Well now I know and let the procrastination begin...
Especially because it's clear that you will be putting up INTERESTING things (as opposed to the daily journals that I come across on my buddy list...) First I want to say that your 30 Hour Famine sounds AWESOME. It really sounds like the kids "got it", as much as they could have, and I think that is so great! When we did it in high school I remember going out for a big breakfast in the morning...something felt a little strange about that and so I'm really impressed with the way you all did it - well done!

Also, the Worlds On Fire video is absolutely the best music video ever made. And it definitely makes you think...I made a commitment a few years back (after second trip to Honduras) to spend my money on experiences rather than things. It seemed, at the time, impossible to say that I would never spend money on things that were not neccessities (because of course, how do you define a necessity? Certainly not the same way in the U.S. as you would in Honduras...but should it be?) So anyway, I decided on experiences, with the thinking that those experiences would somehow teach me something, enrich my life...well I've noticed lately that "experiences" have turned in to "shopping trips" with the girls...yeah, an "experience" for sure, and I come out with a new outfit and a CD. Yeah. So anyway, that video is a good reminder and maybe one more thing to help me get back on track. Just a random thought, my favorite verse which helps me keep it all in check: to those who much have been given, much will be expected, to those who much more has been given, much more will be expected. luke 12:48
I've definitely been given ALOT and there's responsibility that comes with that...

Ok well I better get back to my papers...enough distraction for one night. When I need another distraction I'll tackle the morality issues...

9:41 PM, April 06, 2005  
Blogger metafiz said...

glad i could help you procrastinate...

love, big brother (no, not the orwellian kind...)

2:47 PM, April 07, 2005  

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