Thursday, April 07, 2005


"Yessss" (with thanks to Napoleon Dynamite).

Church softball season is here at last. The first game for Three Chopt Pres. is tonight. Man, I love this game. And Fairfield's season starts this coming Monday night. That's right kids, I'm playing on two, count 'em, two teams. "Sweet" (again, thanks Napoleon). Why? Because my wife told me I could. Fairfield is where we go to church and where I work, so of course I have to play on their team. And Three Chopt is where I have played for the past 12 seasons (this is lucky number 13), so I can't give that up. Thankfully they are in two different leagues on two different nights, so no conflicts. The only tough part is winter volleyball still has a couple more weeks in the season, so that makes for a few weeks busy with sports (and many sore muscles...).

Speaking of sports: SMOLTZ, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!


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