Monday, May 16, 2005

Art Opening

Last Friday (Friday the 13th...mwahaha) my wife had her opening for her latest art show. It was at the Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond. And what a wonderful opening it was. So many people came out. It always surprises me to see how nervous she get's before an opening, wondering "what if no one comes?". Well, there hasn't been a time where that happened yet. And this past one was no exception. It was supposed to go from 7pm - 9pm, but people were still coming it as late as 9:30. The gallery was nice -- it's a converted old house -- and it's always so awesome to see her work up on walls in big (relatively) rooms where they can breathe. Anyway, here's a little blurb (with a not-so-good black and white picture of a very colorful piece) about the show from a local paper. If you're in richmond and you want to go see it, it'll be up until June 17 (then she's got another opening for another show up in New York at the Agora Gallery in Chelsea). The Schindler Gallery is on 23rd and East Broad St.

One of may favorite pieces sold Friday night too. Which is good and bad. It's good cause, well, we need the money. But it's bad because I really really liked that piece.

Anywho, her work is awesome. She never ceases to amaze me. I love you sweetie.


Blogger Atypical Girl said...

Your wife's art is fantastic. Congratulations to her! :)

12:03 PM, May 25, 2005  
Blogger metafiz said...

thanks for the compliment.

and thanks for stopping by.

2:03 PM, May 25, 2005  

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