Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Has it really been a month?! A whole stinkin' month since I've written anything?!

Anyway, it's been a busy month. I was supposed to go on the Mexico mission trip with church June 20-27, but I couldn't because of my knee. Sounds like it was a good trip. Of course, the hurricane just went over the Yucatan Peninsula (where the mission trip was), so we've been praying that our brothers and sisters there are ok.

I did get to go on vacation to the beach with the family June 26-July 3, though. That was nice and relaxing. My play at the beach was limited, though because of the dang knee. However, I did get to swim with the dolphins out there. I was out floating on a boogie board when a school of fish happened by. Then dolphons showed up for feeding time. I was able to get within 5 or so yards of feeding dolphins. Amazing.

We had another mission trip to Marion VA, working with Project Crossroads and leading a vacation Bible school. That was a good trip. The wife wasn't able to go, but made sure everyone there would make me not work the knee too much. One of the kids even tried calling my wife on a cell phone from the job site to let her know that I wasn't taking enough breaks. They are so funny. Anyway, that trip went well overall. out of 17 people on the trip, 7 were high school youth (this wasn't a "Youth Mission Trip", it was a church-wide trip), which I am happy about. Five of those had never done a mission trip before, either. And considering our list of High School Youth for the youth group is around 12-15 kids, I'm pleased with the turnout for the trip. We built some much needed wheelchair ramps, a deck, finished a bathroom, and repaired a roof. All for some amazing families who have seen trials that I can't even begin to comprehend. And yet they were so joyful and so strong. God's Grace.

So now I'm back, trying to make sure August is organized reasonably well for the youth before we get back into school year mode.

It's so stinkin' hot here. Heat index hovering around 100. And it's a wet, humid, sticky heat. Yuck. Too nasty outside to do much out there during the day. But the thunderstorms are beautiful.

God is so good.

How will I drink from that stream
How will my heart sing your praise
How will I lay down in green grass fields
when my soul is so afraid to




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