Friday, October 14, 2005

...But Customer Service is Alive and Well

Yesterday at work, we got a phone call from a person who was on their cell phone standing in the middle of a big box sporting goods store (which shall remain nameless, except to say that in formal settings, it's referred to as "Richard's"). She was trying to buy some hiking socks and had many questions about which ones to buy (you haven't lived until you've looked at all the different options in the world of hiking socks), but couldn't find anyone in the store who was either willing or able to help her. So apparently she called information to get our number, and then called us to ask us our advice. She went through the options she was looking at and we talked to her about the advantages and disadvantages of the specific options she had and helped her make a decision.

How stinkin' funny is that?!

Not to brag too much on Blue Ridge, but that is why smaller, specialty retail shops need your support -- you can't get that kind of customer service shopping over the internet or at big box stores. Generally, the smaller specialty shops will actually know about what they are selling and you are buying. Even if it costs a bit more (and that's generally nothing more than a myth, btw, that if you buy it at a big box store, you're saving money. Especially in the Outdoor Retail world, products are generally always priced the same at small local shops and big box retailers -- actually, our prices are the exact same - or less - than the big box store down the street), it's often worth it for the information and service you will get.

I'm stepping down off my soap box now.


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