Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Rally Day

So last Saturday was the POJ's Youth Rally Day, held at our church this year. It's an event for all the youth from the presbytery to come together, worship, play, and get to know each other. Lots of fun. The topic was being the church of today (not the church of tomorrow as the youth are sometimes, unfortunately, called). Thankfully the rain held off long enough to play a few rounds of underground church outside. Rounds of 9-Square were also played, to the enjoyment of all (it's like 4-Square, only with 9 squares; the king square is in the middle - yeah, it rocks). Two sessions of small group time discussing what it means to be the church of today and evening worship provided the meat of the afternoon. Then the evening closed with a performance by the band .HEREtoday. And I once again discovered what a small world it is. When the band showed up, the drummer came up to me and remarked that I looked familiar. Well, it turns out that he had been involved with InterVarsity at Mary Washington at the same time I was involved at VCU. At several IV conferences and multi-chapter retreats, we had been in the same small group. Crazy.

Oh, they were good too. A rock band, with a couple of guys who can sing pretty well, and one that totally rocks out on the electric violin. The kids had a blast, went away encouraged and tired with ears ringing. Yeah, it was a good day.


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